Build a Beautiful Beer Website

Create a beautiful, and effective craft beer website faster and easier than ever.

At Fill Your Taproom, we believe your time is best spent crafting great beer, not building websites. The problem is it takes a lot of effort to feature your beers on your website in a way that does your brand justice. That’s why we created Brewio a website building management and building service just for breweries

Brewio Features

    • Feature Your Beers Throughout Your Site
    • Build beautiful pages without writing any code
    • Manage Your Upcoming Brewery Events
    • Mange Brewery Hours
    • Social Media Accounts
    • Built-in Age Verifier
    • Email Signup Forms
    • Blog
    • World-class Website hosting
    • Top-tier support

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Feature Your Beers Throughout Your Site

Brewio comes with Easy Beer Lister, our beer-information management solution that makes it easier than ever to display and update beer information on your website. Additionally, Brewio has expanded Easy Beer Lister to include enhanced features, such as featuring beers throughout your website, adding beer menus anywhere on your site, and pre-generated beer glasses.

Build beautiful pages without writing any code

Display Events, Recent blog posts, Beers, featured beers, images, and just about anything else you’d like to display on your page without writing a single line of code. Brewio’s drag-and drop interface makes it easy to modify any custom page to suit your needs. Everything from a simple contact us page, to an elaborate home page that displays your beer list, upcoming events, and what’s on deck.

Manage Your Events

Along with Easy Beer Lister, Brewio comes pre-loaded with a powerful event management system. With this plugin, you can add/update events on your website, sell tickets, and so much more. Brewio expands the functionality of this plugin, and allows you to feature events on any page on your site with ease.

Brewery Hours, Social Media,Age Verifier? It's all here.

Your brewery website should display more than just your beer, of course. That’s why we included an easy way to display brewery hours. your social media profiles, and an age verifier popup.

Email Signup & Blog Built-in

At Fill Your Taproom, we believe that a good blog strategy combined with email marketing is the backbone of any effective online marketing strategy. It provides you with a solid list of email addresses to market to, but it also gives you a clear list of people your Facebook Ad campaigns should target. So, of course, Brewio comes with the tools needed to set these features up quickly and easily. Just hook up your form to the email provider of your choice, and place your form on your site.

World-class Website hosting, and support included

Your website will be launched on a world-class website host, complete with daily website backups, website caching, and https security. On-top of that, we’ll be here to answer your questions, and help ensure that you are completely satisfied with the website you pay for